The International Center for the Study of Spanish in Ronda offers the widest range of courses with the University of Málaga. Here are all the courses we offer:

1.Spanish grammar and conversation 10:This is a course of ten sessions per week; two per day. You can choose the two sessions which suit you between 09:00 and 13:00. Price: 62.50 € per week.


2.Spanish grammar and conversation 15: This is a course of 15 sessions per week; three per day. You can choose the three sessions which suit you between 09:00 and 13:00. Price: 93.75 € per week.


3.Intensive 20: This is a course of 20 sessions per week; four per day. This is our most popular course with students. Price: 125 € per week.


4.Intensive plus: This is a course of 25 sessions per week; four group sessions per day and one individual session. The timetable for the individual session is agreed between the teacher and the student.Price: 275 € per week.


5.Spanish language and culture: In this instance the courses Spanish Grammar and Conversation 10 and Spanish Grammar and Conversation 15, are complemented by a daily session about Spanish culture. This course is available only to those with level A2 Spanish. It is a long-term course that is taught in two separate terms; September-December and February- May. For more information click here.


6.Individual: In this course you decide the number of sessions, the timetable and the dates. The sessions can be adapted to your needs. PRICE: 30 € per hour.


7.Preparation for the "DELE" diplomas: This is a private course in which the timetable is decided between the teacher and the student. They are preparatory courses to obtain the “Spanish as a Foreign Language” diplomas (DELE). Price: 30 € per hour.


8.Spanish for school goups: This “made to measure” course, has been designed especially for school groups. It is a “total immersion” language course where students live with families in Ronda in order to really understand Spanish life. The Intensive 20 is the one most often chosen by these groups. Each day, after the four classroom sessions of the Intensive 20, different cultural activities are available: guided tours of the city, visits to mountain villages, cookery classes, “Sevillanas”, sport, language exchanges, etc. For more information click here.


9.Other courses: You can combine the Spanish Language and Conversation 10, the Spanish Language and Conversation 15 and the Intensive 20, with very interesting sessions which can help you get to know various aspects of Spanish Culture: cookery, sport, folklore, music, our towns and our wines. For more information click here.


Courses Offered by the University of Malaga (ECTS credits):


10.Master class: Weekly course of 34 hours of Spanish and culture adapted to the needs of people over 40 years.


11.Summer course: Spanish language course of 60 hours combined with activities, visits and excursions to visit and enjoy Ronda, the mountains and the Sunshine Coast.


12.Hispanic studies course: Spanish language course long-term (quarterly 225 hours), which combines learning Spanish with Hispanic culture.


13.Intensive Spanish Course: This is the ideal choice if you want to learn or improve your Spanish in a short time (90 hours monthly).



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